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  Color has always been close. As a specialized offset printer / color mixer, reproducer of antique ceramic tile panels and a painter, there has always been curiosity and the urge to create. Driven and searching for more than display of image.

Based on an idea and improvising photo sessions, I look for surprising images that appeal to me for some reason. I edit or combine elements that show me a personal direction. I add and leave out. Sometimes the image itself finds its way.

Searching for the most penetrating expressiveness of the image, I paint in oil, building layer after layer, and wet in wet, patient and detailed. Sometimes unambiguous, often alienating, contradictory or with a touch of surrealism.

The structure of fabrics and the naturalness of skin are a recurring challenge.

The collaboration with a female model, a muse, leads to a period from which realistic romantic paintings arise.

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20.12 | 09:14

Beeld zeemeermin wat is het verhaal hiervan?Staat te pronken op mijn woning in Tienen,woon daar al 27 jaar zo gekocht,graag een beetje uitleg aub.

24.10 | 20:56

Beste Paul
Ik geniet volop van je werken op deze pagina. Gewoon prachtig! De sfeer is fenomenaal.

24.10 | 20:46

Beste Paul,
Prachtige kunstwerken. Op deze pagina gaat mijn voorkeur uit naar Splash nr. 6 Beweging van het zwemmend kind en het water vind ik zéér geslaagd!

24.10 | 14:05

Dank voor reactie. Waarom bloemkool? Tittel is: The difficult choice: cauliflower of savoy (kids)

Je vindt deze pagina leuk