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  Color has always been close. As a specialized offset printer / color mixer, reproducer of antique ceramic tile panels and a painter, there has always been curiosity and the urge to create. Driven and searching for more than display of image.

Based on an idea and improvising photo sessions, I look for surprising images that appeal to me for some reason. I edit or combine elements that show me a personal direction. I add and leave out. Sometimes the image itself finds its way.

Searching for the most penetrating expressiveness of the image, I paint in oil, building layer after layer, and wet in wet, patient and detailed. Sometimes unambiguous, often alienating, contradictory or with a touch of surrealism.

The structure of fabrics and the naturalness of skin are a recurring challenge.

The collaboration with a female model, a muse, leads to a period from which realistic romantic paintings arise.

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20.02 | 22:12

Bonjour Paul,

Quel plaisir de vous lire ! Il faut dire que je suis tombée raide sous le charme de votre oeuvre. Je la trouve extrêmement touchante et douce. Je ne suis pas écrivaine, mais devant ce tableau, j'ai aimé m'imaginer l'histoire de cette femme

25.01 | 22:28

Jenny Geerts. Dank voor vraag. Ik zit niet alle dagen op mijn website. Voor vragen kan je beter een mail sturen. Tentoonstellingen: zie website.

09.01 | 21:22

Kan je me op de hoogte brengen van uw eerstvolgende tentoonstellingen aub?
Dank u

Met vriendelijke groeten,

Jenny geerts

13.05 | 10:09

GoeieMorgen Mijheer Paul Kennes,
Ik ben de algemeen directeur van het Omroepgebouw Flagey.
Jullie hebben 5 jaar geleden twentigtaal Keramiken stukken voor onze

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